FIGURING R&D WICKHAM THEATRE BRISTOL 2018 PB-219.JPGphoto credit: Paul Blakemore, Bristol, September 2018

Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot is a London-based traveling dance artist, working as a dancer/performer, collaborator, choreographer and pedagogue. Her practice is rooted in two seemingly radically different approaches: improvisational and perceptual work, and choreology (the contemporary developments of Rudolf Laban’s movement theory and practice). From her background in Geology has remained an interest in what lies within and beyond the human body and a soulful engagement with her environment, be it human or not, constructed or natural.

Since she came to the UK in 2007, she has worked and collaborated with numerous artists, among others Noa Zamir, h2dance, Tara D’Arquian, Candoco Dance Company, Annie Lok, Lisa-May Thomas, and has performed as much on stage as in non-theatrical spaces or landscapes.

Currently, she is developing her own project: I’m Invited/You’re Invited, a multi-layered process of encountering others, connecting, improvising, responding and making performance that offers different levels of invitations; the prototype of it is set in the neighbourhood of Moelenbeek in Brussels, Belgium, and in the space of L’Escaut Architectures. She is also collaborating with dance artist Akshay Sharma in the development of a duet performance/installation, The Drama of Hardness and Softness (working title).

A dedicated Contact Improvisation practitioner, she practices, teaches and performs the form across the UK, Europe and the USA, and since 2011 has been running locally the South-East London group Contact Improvisation at Goldsmiths.