FIGURING R&D WICKHAM THEATRE BRISTOL 2018 PB-219.JPGphoto credit: Paul Blakemore, Bristol, September 2018

Hello! I am a France/UK based dance artist, and I work as a dancer/performer, collaborator, choreographer and pedagogue. My practice is rooted in two seemingly radically different approaches: improvisational and perceptual work, and choreology: the contemporary developments of Rudolf Laban’s movement theory and practice. I have a BA in Geology and from that background has remained an interest in what lies within and beyond the human body and a soulful engagement with my environment, be it human or not, constructed or natural, and in the structures that link us. The most pervasive aspect of my work is simply to relate and connect, and inviting others to do so too from their subjective and unique perspective through a form of dancing and presence.

Since I came to the UK in 2007 to study at Trinity Laban, I have worked and collaborated with numerous artists, among which h2dance, Tara D’Arquian, Candoco Dance Company, Annie Lok, Lisa-May Thomas, Mary Pearson, Laura Doehler and Tania Soubry, Joe Moran, Noa Zamir, Julia Bardsley, etc. and I have performed as much on stage as in non-theatrical spaces or landscapes. Most recently I have started working with French choreographers Mathilde Monfreux and Andrew Graham based in Marseille.

Contact Improvisation practice has been at the core of my formation and development as a dancer, performer, researcher, collaborator, and teacher, alongside my work in contemporary dance and theatre. I am always inspired by the open-ended and left-field ways of dealing with forms, organisation and legacy it proposes, and by its radical pedagogy. It nurtures my approach to transmission, and I attach importance to keeping alive a specific practice of improvisation in performance alongside other forms of sharing work with audiences.  I have practiced, researched and performed CI in various places across the UK, Europe and the USA, notably in GLIMPSE 3 and 4 invited by pioneer Nancy Stark Smith. Between 2011 and 2020 I have also been running locally the South-East London group Contact Improvisation @ Goldsmiths.

Choreographically, currently I am developing several personal projects:

I’m Invited/ You’re Invited is a multi-layered process of encountering others, connecting, improvising, responding and making performance that offers different levels of invitations; the prototype of it was set in the neighbourhood of Moelenbeek in Brussels, Belgium, and in the space of L’Escaut Architectures. I am now considering a Covid-friendly version of this in Marseille, France and engaging with the question of what is ‘inviting’ or ‘being invited’ in these times?

I am also collaborating with Catalan dancer/choreographer Albert Quesada and Swedish/ Italian dance artist Petra Söör on bringing back and re-creating Quesada’s former piece Solo on Bach & Glenn, and developing it into a group piece for a recombinable number of performers between 6 and 30 people, called All These Variations. We have set a crowdfunding page explaining the different steps of the project here (we are now in step 2): https://www.gofundme.com/manage/all-these-variations-a-dance-project

Finally, I am making a trio with Alessandro Franceschelli and Patrick Gaïaudo called Autoportrait (avec barbe), taking inspiration in Edouard Levé’s autobiographic style in Autoportrait and playing with grounding and destabilising choreographic structures.