Dance Artist.

Based in South East London, UK since 2007, I am and will most likely always be an avide dancer with a curious mind. I strive for creating nurturing environments, developing democratic ways of making work, empowerment of the voices we don’t hear enough from, and a sense of self within the collective.

My practice involves teaching, improvising, collaborating, performing, dancing, devising, making dances or performances, acting, singing, curating, lecturing, cooking, gardening, picnicking, trekking, swimming, camping, and many other ways to relate to others and my environment.

I trained mainly in Limón, release technique, Contact Improvisation, and aikido, and I specialized in choreology, which is based on Rudolf Laban’s work and the structures underlying human movement. I have developed a personal movement style that is earthy, fluid, disorientated, articulate, rhythmical and sequential.

My main interest is to study movement, composition and perception, and to develop an aesthetic of function and relation; I’m interested in how we move to fulfill needs or make things happen, and in the journeys between feeling, sensing, thinking and creating clear spatial patterns. I want a theatre of both the mundane and the grotesque to be present and accepted in my work.

I make very various types of work, but what is almost always present is: an anatomical root – works that ally choreographing/composing and studying, as part on an on-going process, and that explore various formats of interactions with an audience.

As a creator/co-creator, long-term collaborators include companies Tadam (Noa Zamir, Israel) and Dirty Market Theatre since 2008, The Latecomers (Gene Giron, Fay Patterson and I brought light and construction/deconstruction of the theatre space au pair with choreographing movement between 2010 and 2013), and Exit Map (2014/present): Laura Doehler, Tania Soubry and many collaborators from dance and other artistic disciplines; a collective of independent artists training, making and performing together.

Companies and artists I have performed with: h2dance, Simonetta Alessandri, Candoco Dance Company, Vicky Malin, Tara D’Arquian, Robbie Synge, Nancy Stark-Smith, Lisa May Thomas, Joe Moran, Florence Peake, Giannalberto De Filippis and Michal Mualem…

Some of the institutions I have worked with: Candoco, Dance United, TrinityLaban, Sadler’s Wells, City Lit, Winchester University, Roehampton University, MoveMe, etc.

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